You've already made an investment building your pool and you want to be used rationally throughout the year. To ensure its proper operation, saving time and money is not unimportant.


In the area of maintenance, we work with some of the highest quality products and in the last twenty years we have proven experience and established market positions. Our services are used by more than 160 private and public swimming pools in the country. For each customer we prepare individual scheme of support.


Relations with our customers are built on the basis of mutual respect and honesty. More - over the years many of them have grown into a friendship - a fact which we are proud with. Trusting our professionalism for you will remain only to enjoy the water pleasures.

Choosing our project, you receive the following services:


1. Preparing the pool for commissioning:
- Free Repair (pay only the price of materials);
- Technical support;
- Inspection and preventive maintenance of technical equipment;
- Initial cleaning of the pool and shock treatment of water.


2. Regular cleaning of the pool:
- Bottom;
- Walls;
- Baskets of skimmers;
- Filtration device;
- Backwashing, flushing the pipes.


3. Treatment of swimming pool water with chemicals included in the price.


4. Periodic analysis of chemicals in the water.

5. Wear water samples in RHI, as the client pays fees.

6. Issuance of an information protocol.

7. Completing the diary site.

8. Timely response to problems - up to 24 hours.

9. 24-hour phone consultation (0879953353).

10. Crystal clear water, without any costs.

If you own a private pool we can:



- To prepare and run your pool for the season
- To clean mechanically pool
- To maintain the chemical balance of the water in norms
- To provide technical service of damaged equipment
- To prepare and winterize your swimming pool after the season

If you qualify for a public pool or spa complex we can:


- To provide the logistics involved in the registration site
- To perform specialized training of persons responsible for daily maintenance of public pools
- To provide our staff with responsibility for day
- To supply necessary chemicals and reagents
- To deliver water samples for analysis in RHI